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Officers & Employees
Attracting and retaining quality staff is the most critical success factor for First National Bank. We have been fortunate to maintain a stimulating and rewarding work environment that has attracted seasoned bankers to our family. Being local residents themselves, they know the market and they are committed to their customers.

Mike Mueller - President
Darly Fisher - Senior Vice President/Cashier

Loan Officers & Lending Support Staff

Steve Zapalac-Executive Vice President/Mortgage Lending
Jess Koy - Asst. Vice President - Loan Officer
Gary Pless- Vice President/Loan Officer
Kathy Ignasiak- Asst. Vice President/Loan Officer
Glenn Lange - Asst. Vice President/Mortgage Loan Officer
Neely Fay Grawunder - Senior Vice President/Mortgage Loan Processing
Mary Zanello- Asst. Vice President/Note Department Supervisor
Belinda Jackson- Vice President/ Mortgage Loan Processor
Cameron Slater- Loan Secretary
Kelli Hurlburt-Loan Secreary
Margaret Schneider- Mortgage Loan Processor
Megan Bartay-Loan Secretary

Bookkeeping, Data Processing & Customer Service Representatives
Kevin Klump - Vice President/Data Processing & Network Administration
Charlotte Hoff - Vice President/BSA
Joshua Werland - Vice President/Finance
Gwen Zapalac - Asst. Vice President/Head Bookkeeper
Diane Pierantozzi - Asst. Cashier/Administrative Assistant
Megan Kendrick - Asst. Cashier/New Accounts Representative
Lindsey Mikeska - New Accounts Representative
Samantha Soliz - New Acounts Representative
Eileen Colson - Asst. Vice President/Head Teller
Denise Evans - Asst. Cashier/Commercial Drive-In Teller
Becky Henske - Teller
Sabrina Schiller - Part-time Teller
Thomas Giuffre- Teller
Karina Janish - Teller
Britney Jones - Bookkeeper
Cameron Slater - Teller
Tina Woods - Teller
Melvin Hintzel - Accounting
Kim Henley - Bookkeeper
Sara Stasny - Asst. Cashier/Bookkeeper
Carol Foltz - Receptionist

Information Technology
Kevin Klump - Vice President/Information Technology
Jeremy Pietsch - IT
Kelsey Zapalac - IT
John Ravenna - IT
Jason Lehmann - IT
Jason Hamon - IT

Waller Branch
Jaime Davis - Senior Vice President/Lending
Debra Harrison - Vice President/Lending
Jo Parker - Asst. Cashier/New Accounts
Dorothy Friedel - Head Teller
Charles "Trey" Stautmeister -  Loan Processor
Elizabeth Buzek -Full Time Teller
Sandra Gonzalez - New Accounts
Jennifer Lindke - New Account Representative
Julie Coursey - Loan Processor
Heath Tomczak – Teller
Megan Blackford - Full Time Teller

Wallis Branch
Michael Scearce - SVP/Lending
Jennifer Zurovec - New Accounts
Dolores Jalowy - Teller
Natalie Brandt - Teller


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